So my male friend just picked a fight with me claiming his kidney stone that he's been spending today living and functioning perfectly normal with (sitting up doing homework, running errands, cleaning, ect.) is worse than my period pains, which are so bad I feel like I have knives twisting in two different parts of my body and I am entirely crippled and unable to move. Then he started insulting me, got pissed at me for "starting" the fight, and logged off. So now I'm just laying here crying, alone and friendless as usual. I hate dealing with people. I just wanted to rp, I can't do anything else. Now I just want to stop existing.

Not gonna lie, it kinda freaks me out when authors are out there with all these outlines, everything planned, characters fully developed.

Honey, I'm sitting over here yelling at my characters while writing out their stories like "DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR, THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL IS BEHIND THAT DOOR" and they're just like "Bitch please, I got this."

They don't always got this.



Hell, I don't even know how we got here. What am I doing again? Author my ass, I'm just recording their memoirs and headdesking through at least half of it.

8bitpixelheart -

There’s a bar at the end of the street. That nobody goes to, and nobody comes out of it. It’s a small little bar, with darkened windows that nobody can see out of. The outside is old, forgotten, paint chipping and flaking, a gray molting into white molting into red that nobody likes. There’s nobody in the pockmarked parking lot, cluttered with pot holes and cigarette buds that nobody left lying around. There’s nobody for miles on the aging street and the bar catches nobody’s eye.

Nobody finds the inside comforting. The lights a cloudy ancient glass flickering onto nobody’s torn up seat patched together with duct tape and a dream. The countertop is scratched to hell and back with nobody’s name gashed over and over into the weakening wood. A pattern that repeats itself from edge to edge in a smile that nobody would remember.

Nobody’s name is known here. Nobody gives a damn if you show. Nobody is greeted at the door by a sea of gray faces steeped in shadow and tears and tears in their hearts on their sleeves where fingernails scraped too deep. Nobody finds the warmth of companionship from kindred souls here. A crowd of mirrors with cracks in the glass with the sort of perfect imperfection that nobody knows all too well.

Nobody is free from judgement. Pointed fingers turn away and dissolve into cigar smoke that stains the ceiling until the tiles start to droop. The liquor runs clear of lies and pretense and nobody can find the truth there. Pouring onto the cold, cold ice that chills away the ebbing ache that nobody feels.

Nobody can go there whenever they like. It’s a place that nobody can find if they look for it. It’s there, waiting, a secret beacon of respite from the dull and pounding pulse. It’s a sanctuary for nobody who needs it. Nobody whispers that this place is safe into the uncaring apathetic night. Nobody stays too long and huddles too deep in the crack where the foam spills out of the leather booth seat. Nobody calls this place the home that nobody knew they needed.

It’s a new start, a blank slate, marked in whiskey concentrate. It’s the Nobody Bar.

cjadewyton -

High school art teachers: everything artists do is deliberate. every stroke is so well thought out...

Me: *forgets a characters entire arm because i'm too busy eating mcdonalds*

awakeingdreamer -

also applies to writing professors

cjadewyton -

I still wanna upload that art but honestly I'm not even upset about the upload bug because the fact its not fixed yet mean Thell probably went to sleep (or is at least taking a break) and that's a WIN

thelldev -

Downside is now I'm pulling an all nighter to make up for it

awakeingdreamer -

and the whole waterfall community facepalms

It may be unfinished, buy my website is awfully pretty.

I like being alone. Being alone while everyone else around me looks at me, then turns away and chooses someone or something else? Not so much.

I know I probably need to stop whining...but the void is all I have.

All ya'll out there using acronyms and shit, looks to me like you're speaking some alien language xD

This is probably kinda silly and stupid, but I honestly just love how, on this site, when you click on an image on a post is just zooms up to take up most of your screen. No rerouting or new windows or anything, just a little popup. I love the fluidness of it. <3

It's so exhausting being the one everyone always feels the need to contradict. I'm 90 percent sure I could say the surface of the sun is hot and it would be argued.

thembo -

only really topic adjacent but I think we should build a culture of tagging the specific reason(s) a post is nsfw whenever we use the nsfw tag. someone being able to see the sex jokes they like without seeing nudity they don't, or seeing artistic nudity without running across sex jokes and porn, etc. would undoubtedly increase the appeal of the site for a lot of adults who otherwise have to say no thanks to the whole category

Now that he's appeared in the story, I can positively spam you guys with my emo-looking resting bitch faced son without feeling guilty~

Drawing wings is both a blessing and a curse

Still struggling Existing? All of the above? But I've spent most of the day so far planning the rest of the month in preparation for hitting February in better shape, so hopefully that works out.

vampbyte -

hello! i'm zack, a trans freelance illustrator and comic author. i'm the creator of the LGBT fantasy comic Deryli and the Magician's Key and the horror comic RORY.

i also make art tutorials, guides, and custom brushes + assets for clip studio paint! my guides are free to read on my patreon 😊

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Deryli Rustmane dreams of following in the footsteps of his father, Lepus Rustmane, Runa's top magic scholar and guardian of one of the legendary Keys of Fate. His plans for the future change, however, when Lepus vanishes in the wake of a magical accident - leaving behind the mystery of his missing key, the Key of Seasons, and a national crisis for the floating Kingdom of Androvea, which cannot stay suspended without it.

Deryli sets off with his best friend and prince of Androvea, Philippe, on a journey to discover the whereabouts of Lepus and the Key of Seasons before Androvea falls from the sky - but their efforts will unknowingly entangle them in the plans of figures with greater, more sinister intentions for the Keys of Fate and the entire world of Runa.

Read on Tapas | Read on WEBTOON | Read on Patreon (early access + hi-res)

(Mature Rating for blood, violence, death, and drug use)

A cynical male model named Rory just wants to get famous, look good, and make money. He gets the opportunity to do just that when he comes into contact with the elusive and renowned photographer, Roger Van Dijk, who is interested in making Rory the subject of his magnum opus. This dream come true quickly turns into a nightmare, however, as Roger's artistic vision turns into something much, much stranger.

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thank you for visiting my page! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ‥…━━━★

Dwagons and cats doin a snuggle :)c

*casually going crazy waiting for Glacier*

An Anonymous user asked:

I'm sorry, it sounds like you're having a rough time. :( I hope neurotypicals stop giving you trouble, and that you feel better soon.

This made me smile <3

Neurotypicals will never stop giving me a hard time, but that's why I plan to move very far away from them and live out in the middle of nowhere with just me and a million animals.

Honestly my least favorite part depression isn't even the part where you actually feel, you know, depressed. It's this whole sleeping things. One second Im fine, up, being productive, get ready to rule the world...then I'm not. Doesn't it realize i don't have time to sleep 15 hours a day?! I barely have time to sleep 6! Ugh. x.x


Original: iPad, clip studio paint

8x11 metallic prints available!

Seriously, how is the thing that keeps stumping neurotypical the fact that I don't know????

I mean, technically speaking, I am panromantic. But like...girls...

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

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what is your shop??

It is actually on my [WIP] website