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So to anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet: I am on a sort-of hiatus.

I’m moving in a few months, and in the past few months all my systems and routines and schedules have fallen apart. I could blame the holidays, but to be quite honest, this started long before them.

Point being though, I will be back. Between pulling my life back together in the midst of preparation to rip it apart for a move, I’m not sure how active I’ll be the next few months. Part of getting everything back together is to set up queues so I can still post writing related stuff, so hopefully that will be up and running soon -- but personally, I don’t know how much I’ll be active, and I do apologize for that. I’m hoping it’ll happen sooner, but I guarantee that I will be a real person again in about 3-4 months, after the move. Until then, this will be a writeblr run by a ghost in the machine.

The holidays are over, I no longer have to spend every spare second on mom’s gifts, so I am back! Still gotta finish cleaning my workroom, but it becomes an absolute disaster in the aftermath of big projects, especially when those big projects are rush jobs, so that might take a few days.

PS, she loved the blanket

It’s not quite as originally intended, I ran out of 1 color and was almost out of 2 more for the border and couldn’t figure out how to do the stitches of the last two stripes and at that point it was the middle of the night on Christmas Eve so I didn’t have time to go slow and figure it out. And it still looks damn good, and she still loved it, so that’s all that matters.

Someone the exact same age as me: We are old.

Me, making a bunny from playdough while watching tv made for toddlers: Speak for yourself.

Wow, my mom really does not handle responsibility well.

To clarify, I take care of the animals. I'm basically nocturnal, so I wake up at their "breakfast" alarm at 1pm. My two brats have decided recently that they want to get me up early so that I'll feed them early (in theory -- it doesn't work that way). So I stay in bed anyway, and ignore their attempts to get me up. Usually they settle back down once they realize it's not working -- today, they did not. So they ended up waking my mom out too. Which annoyed my mom, so she came and got my dogs and went to let them outside. Except that's not how the morning routine works, so my dogs didn't cooperate with that, which frustrated my mom and made her cranky because none of the dogs were listening to her and now she was spending like 10 minutes just trying to get all the dogs outside when not a single one of them were even supposed to go outside yet. Luckily the alarm went off, I got up, and came to the rescue. Had the dogs fed, outside, and back inside satisfied in about 4 minutes.

Except my little dog, who isn't allowed outside when it rains. Partially because she's little and partially because she's a trouble maker.

Well then.

To clarify, my allergies just decided to punch me in the face out of nowhere and forgot to withdraw the fist.

I don't really like honey, but I might have to eat some. Or try to, at least...not sure we have anything I can dip it in, now that I think about it...

Trying to work on Blood Rose, but I'm struggling, so I tenatively lit my magic candle.

Tenatively because it's getting very low and the two new ones my mom let me buy a while back, just, like...disappeared? Fucking FedEx.

To clarify, I ordered them at the beginning of the month, the whole time they were projected to arrive somewhere between something like the 12th and the 18th I think (can't remember exactly). Today, all day, it said they were out for delivery and would arrive by 8pm. So a few minutes ago, I go to check the order status online [so that I could avoid opening the front door unnecessarily again because damn it's cold out].

Fucking tracking says it was delivered. On Monday. Was delieved on Monday. As in this past Monday. My candles did not arrive on Monday, and trust me, we would know if they had -- with Christmas coming up, my mom and I are both freaking vultures about packages, we miss nothing.

Honestly, I'm very proud of my patreon so far, but I still have so many other ideas for it, but I need to move first! Seriously, how do people do this? I once knew a guy whose family it took 3 years to move! 3 years of searching for a house and sort-of packing and planning and waiting and howwwwwww?! I'm dying with just a few months heads up! Who ever would have thought I'd miss our impulsive moves? I mean, yes, that whole 2-hour-heads-up one was more than a bit excessive, but so is 6+ months! Do you know how many things I could be doing right now if life weren't on hold until after this damn move?!

Okay, okay, I'll shut up, I'm done now. I gotta get to work anyway.

Their names are Dany and Ary/Arry (not sure of spelling yet)

That's it, this is the sum of all I know.

Who dares me to start writing anyway?

Growing up is not the problem, forgetting is.

\- The Little Prince

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I think it's cute when people think I do strange things for sensible reasons.

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naiad -

I finished my friend's scarf! It's folded up so it looks pretty small. I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm going to be experimenting with new stitches soon c:

awakeingdreamer -

Oh wow, this is so good! I love the colors too!

Okay, I didn't rearrange my entire room. I just flattened the dresser into the corner (it was diagonal before) and moved my gaming computer to the other side of it. Little changes, but it really opened up my room! Now I have the space to work in here too though. Sitting on the floor, because I refuse to haul my heavy two-piece chair up and down the stairs every day (or, more likely, multiple times a day). Guess it's time to fix my posture!

How did/do people ever sit on the floor all the time without their feet constantly falling asleep??

Watch me rearrange my entire bedroom even though I move in 4 months just to avoid the cold xD

In my defense, it's also partially to make mom's life easier. I can't turn the heat up any more without basically cooking her, so this is for the whole house. Literally and figuartively.

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Mom's working downstairs today because it's too hot upstairs, but I'm wishing I could work upstairs because it's too cold downstairs.

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Is it bad I wish more of my stories took place in Asia largely because Asians are so damn pretty?

I do have one set in Hong Kong, China, and possibly one somewhere in Japan? The Japan one needs a lot of fleshing out before I can call it an official story. And yes I’m aware that Hong Kong is kinda a cliche place to have my [so far] only China-set story, but this girl does big work, so she needs to be in a big city.

So far though, alas, that is all.

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mier -

i havent seen prince of egypt since i was a child and ive never seen it in english and it FUCKS

mier -

i rly like the way that queen tuya is animated, idk how to explain it

awakeingdreamer -

You're kinda making me want to rewatch it now.

Playstation: "None of your friends are online."

Me: Isn't it cute how it says that as if I have any friends? xD

Mom: Well, in that, you're not alone.

Me, later that night, trying to join a conversation: *sits in ignored silence*

Mom, at the same time: *been on the phone for at least half an hour by now, will continue to be on the phone for at least another half hour*

Me: Yeah, our social lives are exactly the same.

Some day my mom and I are going to have this cute little shop that sells all kinds of random shit. Art, books, crocheted scarves, blankets and hats, doll clothes, special cookies on the holidays, probably some pretty cakes...


Another chapter -- complete!

I’m going to go eat chocolate and play ESO to reward myself because fuck no-sugar bans -- I deserve this!

In other news, my little dog has been playing with my rabbit more often lately. Now she’s just over there hanging out in his room. They’re getting so close finally, it’s so cute <3

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Oh, Eva drinks blood like humans drink water!

Can't believe I just realized that.

To clarify -- I have been writing this book for like 12 years ya'll! Eva was my first character, I know every little detail about her by now! Apparently, that does not mean I'm brilliant enough to actually realize all of them.

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My depression is honestly a vicious cycle. Basically the only fool-proof way to chase it away is productivity, because productivity makes me feel like I'm moving forward, getting closer to taking back the circumstances that honestly basically erase my depression completely, accomplishing something. But depression makes me fail to function, much less be productive.

In other words, it's now 2am and I haven't even done a full page yet. So, uh, yeah, shit.

autiestella -

if you're an asexual w a talent, you're an ace ace

awakeingdreamer -

If you're an asexual with lots of talents, you're an Ace of Trades

Not to mention, nobody should ever have to disclose personal and private information just to justify their creations to the world. Creations are meant to exist and stand on the existence of the creation itself -- not on whether or not the creator was what the viewers demand them to be.

Representation is the point. Accurate and frequent representation. So how about people quit bashing the people who are trying? If you say only an autistic person can produce autistic content, then you are the problem, you are limiting the world, you are standing in the way of the representation you demand. So how about the world calm down, and acknowledge that we are being heard, that creators are trying, that there is more. How about we enjoy that? Instead of creating reasons to hate it.